Lohan, Arhat

Lohan, Arhat

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Painting: Sumi Ink on paper

Sumi ink on rice paper. 12" by 9". In Theravada Buddhism, the Arhat, Arahat or Arahant, translated into Chinese as Lohan, is one who has followed the Eightfold Path and has achieved enlightenment. They look at the world with a different view. Sometimes they look like an angry yogi. Signed with the seal of the artist: "sky walker." The calligraphy says: "The affairs of the world." The painting itself is mounted on a piece of acid-free cotton rag paper, so the surface is totally flattened. Ready to frame.

Subjects: Abstract, Yogi, Figure, Zen

Styles: Abstract, Zen, Minimalism

Mediums: Sumi ink

Size: 12 x 9"

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