Six Persimmons

Six Persimmons

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Chinese calligraphy painting: "Six Persimmons". Original still life work. Unframed.

Inspired by the "Six Persimmons" from 13th-century Chinese painting; the painter was a monk, Muqi Fachang or Mu Ch'i Fa-Ch'ang of Song dynasty. Muqi was one of the two great exponents of the spontaneous mode of Chinese painting (the other being Liang Kai). It features six persimmons floating on an undefined, vast space. But all the marks are definite, full of life and nowness.

Sumi ink on Chinese rice paper. 14" by 23". Signed by the seal of the artist: "existence and space are one." The calligraphy itself is double-mounted on another piece of acid-free cotton rag paper, so the surface is totally flattened. Ready to frame.

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