Depicting the
Dance of Energy

Posted on Oct 17, 2014 in Discover

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Depicting the Dance of Energy

Yeachin Tsai


If one sees the world as an energy field with all kinds of different energies interacting with each other, then the depiction of the world would be very different from the conventional sense of space and time. It is more about the dance of basic elements. The elements each possess their own characters. They each have their own force, color, emotion, position and so on. And they each contain each other—they each create each other. When they meet, they push, they pull, they resist, they dissolve. They collect and disperse, join and disjoin, gather together and scatter. The flow of the movement is ever changing. Nothing is fixed. Nothing ever stays in one place. Everything always transforms.

The origin the Chinese language is pictorial. It is about showing the essence, the basic energy of the visual objects and surroundings. When the ancestors of China created the word “wind,” for example, there was a movement and power in the word itself. In a word like “flying,” you see the characteristic shape of the bird, and also the wavy air beneath the wings.

I am fascinated by the flux of energy in all kinds of forms—in all relationships: in myself; in daily life; in the environment; in people and things.

I want to free the energy, let it go, or at least say hello to it, recognize it, see its dance in infinite space, and dance with it.

Orchid. 10″x10″.
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