Dancing in the Space and Time with Brush Marks @Saint Rose

Posted on Mar 1, 2017 in Discover, News

Joy. Acrylic on rice paper, mounted on canvas. ©Yeachin Tsai

Dancing in the Space and Time with Brush Marks

with Yeachin Tsai

at the Massry Center for the Arts, the College of Saint Rose

  • 3/23, 6:40-8:00 pm
  • The College of Saint Rose, 1002 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY

An evening of Sumi ink and brush strokes – an introduction to Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Painting by Yeachin Tsai. Mrs. Tsai will demonstrate the principles of these ancient disciplines and discuss how the practice can bring us vividly into the present moment, here and now. The evening will include a demonstration and contemporary artwork presentation.

Yeachin was born in Taipei, Taiwan and moved to New York City in 1993. She received MFA degree at CUNY,  Brooklyn College. Yeachin has practiced calligraphy and brush painting for over 40 years, having learned from traditional Chinese Masters. Since moving to NYC, her work evolved into an unique style of “New Ink”, a colorful expression that retains its roots in Chinese painting and embraces the explorative impulse of Western abstraction. She currently lives and works in the Capital Region as an artist. Visit Yeachin’s website at http://www.yeachin.net