“Without Beginning or End” Essay by Robert R. Shane

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“Without Beginning or End” Essay by Robert R. Shane

“Without Beginning or End” The Trans-Temporal Art of Yeachin Tsai Robert R. Shane “The circle… is the synthesis of the greatest oppositions… it points most clearly to the fourth dimension.” —Vassily Kandinsky A blazing cadmium red-orange circle pulsates with mesmerizing force in Yeachin Tsai’s painting The Contentment of Mr. Orange (2015) from the artist’s series […]

Scarlet Seven Fine Art Gallery Inaugural Show

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Scarlet Seven Fine Art Gallery Inaugural Show

Scarlet Seven Fine Art Gallery opening group show in downtown Troy, New York. Reception 5/26, Friday 6 PM. Painters: David Austin, Jon Gernon, John Hampshire, Willie Marlowe, Jillian Platt, D. Jack Solomon, Yeachin Tsai, Stephen Tyson, Jeff Wigman Sculptors: Julie Branch, Susan Spencer Crowe Ceramic artist: Randi Kish You are cordially invited! Scarlet Seven Gallery website: www.scarletsevengallery.com […]

Foundations of Traditional Chinese Calligraphy @Union College

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Foundations of Traditional Chinese Calligraphy @Union College

Foundations of Traditional Chinese Calligraphy – A Demonstration and Workshop @Union College, Friday 10:30 Am, April 28th, 2017 with Yeachin Tsai In this demonstration and workshop, artist Yeachin Tsai will introduce: – The history and origin of traditional Chinese calligraphy. – The Four Treasures of a Gentleman’s Study: An introduction to materials and tools. – Holding the brush, caring for […]

Dancing in the Space and Time with Brush Marks @Saint Rose

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Dancing in the Space and Time with Brush Marks @Saint Rose

Dancing in the Space and Time with Brush Marks with Yeachin Tsai at the Massry Center for the Arts, the College of Saint Rose 3/23, 6:40-8:00 pm The College of Saint Rose, 1002 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY An evening of Sumi ink and brush strokes – an introduction to Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Painting by Yeachin Tsai. Mrs. Tsai will demonstrate […]

Solo Show: Floating World –
May 2016, Albany, NY

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Solo Show: Floating World – <br />May 2016, Albany, NY

  Yeachin Tsai Painting Show: Floating World Meet the Artist: 4/30, Sat. 2 to 5 PM Artist Website: www.yeachin.net Email: auspiciousink@gmail.com

Yeachin Tsai’s Recent Work

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Yeachin Tsai’s Recent Work

“Yeachin Tsai’s paintings are exuberantly au courant. They are delightfully engaged with process and craft, transparency and movement, and the alchemy of colors as they hover near each other or overlap to create new hues. Their spherical shapes are believable buoyant in air or water and veer towards optimism even when rendered in a darker […]

Artist Statement:
Into Empty Space

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Artist Statement: <br />Into Empty Space

(Published on Shambhala Times Jan. 17, 2014) Art that Reflects Feelings and Perceptions by Yeachin Tsai, Troy, NY Growing up in Taiwan, I was deeply influenced by traditional Chinese brush painting and calligraphy. I began to experiment with materials that partly characterize modern Western painting after I moved to New York City. I now utilize […]

Yeachin Tsai
Artist Resume

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Yeachin Tsai <br />Artist Resume

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China For more about Yeachin’s most recent work and CV, go to: yeachintsaifineart.com  E-mail: auspiciousink@gmail.com WORKS AVAILABLE ON ARTSY.NET Solo Exhibitions: 05/2016 “Floating World”, Spectrum 8 Theatres, Albany, New York 05/2015 “Inner Light”, Sand Lake Center for the Arts, Averill Park, New York 02/2008 “Ordinary Magic”, 70 Beekman Fine […]

Depicting the
Dance of Energy

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Depicting the<br />Dance of Energy

Depicting the Dance of Energy Yeachin Tsai   If one sees the world as an energy field with all kinds of different energies interacting with each other, then the depiction of the world would be very different from the conventional sense of space and time. It is more about the dance of basic elements. The elements […]

The Living Quality

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The Living Quality

One of the highest qualities in art is the living quality in the work itself.  It is the life force, the spirit in all good art. Traditional Chinese painters highly praise this particular quality. They call it “氣韻生動 (Chi Yun Sheng Dong). ” “Chi” 氣 is energy. It is the foundation of all existence in ancient […]